40|73 Capital is an entrepreneurial private equity firm designed to not only provide capital and strategic advice but also collaborate with management to drive growth and optimize performance of lower-middle market consumer and services companies where our $200M+ investment experience and active approach will enable us to better mitigate risks, capture opportunities, and generate high risk-adjusted returns. We believe our distinct strategic-operational investment approach will result in measurable value creation.

Beyond capital, we generate value for select companies by leveraging a cadre of entrepreneurs, executives, and advisors to collaborate with management on value enhancement initiatives. As an integral part of the team, we measurably upgrade company performance by actively improving key value drivers such as sales & marketing, customer retention, new services, product development & innovation, brand positioning & development, new growth initiatives, product price & product SKU optimization, strategic partnership development, supply chain & inventory management, business process improvement, and organizational development which will result in dramatically enhanced revenue growth and cash flow generation. We have proven experience taking measured debt and equity investment risks across product, credit, and business cycles, benefiting key stakeholders. 

Our ability to reach targeted goals will be enhanced by ensuring alignment among managers, investors, and other critical parties. Appropriate alignment and resource identification should enable management to pursue their day-to-day responsibilities in concert with new value creation initiatives. We believe combining the resources of leading private capital and top entrepreneurial talent will allow companies to chart a path to growth and result in attractive risk-adjusted returns.